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The Rundown With Red Door Metro

Episode 1: Red Day

Episode 2: Vienna Updates

Episode 3: Real Estate Investing

Episode 4: Veterans Real Estate Program

Episode 5: Selling – The RDM Advantage

Episode 6 – Clients: The Driving Force

Episode 7: Buying – The RDM advantage

Episode 8: Second Homes – More Than A Luxury

Episode 9: Referrals – Help Us Help You

Episode 10: Instant Equity

Episode 11: Max ROI

Episode 12: House Hacking 101

Episode 13: How to Analyze a Rental Property

Episode 14: Red Door Metro Vendor List

Episode 15: Tour of the Brand New

Episode 16: What to Ask Your Builder

Episode 17: Get A Sneak Peek!

Episode 18: 6 Tips on what NOT to do when you’re under contract!

Episode 19: 3 Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your Home!

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