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By now, you probably already know Amazon chose Crystal City and New York City for HQ2! This will have a massive impact on Northern Virginia’s real estate market. Washingtonian Magazine gives us 5 ways Amazon will affect our real estate.

“Though the most immediate effects on real estate will be felt in Crystal City and the areas immediately around it, HQ2—and the other companies that will surely spring up here because of it—will lift housing prices throughout the entire DC metro” (read more here).

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Amazon is bringing a boom! We know that HQ2 will have a massive impact on the real estate market here but economically, its also forecast to bring $15B to NoVa and DC!! It’s even predicted that Amazon‘s arrival will turn NoVa into a “mini Manhattan” with towering high rises between Potomac Yards and Pentagon City.

Read more on Amazon‘s impact in the region below.

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Amazon plans to invest $5 billion and create more than 50,000 jobs between the two new headquarters, located in the neighborhood of Long Island City, Queens and the town of Arlington, VA. Hiring for both locations will begin in 2019. ‘The arrival of a new company that will hire additional workers will only increase demand for housing, driving up both rental and home prices…In the D.C. area, we can expect the injection of jobs to increase competition for homes and have a visible impact to prices in the mid- to upper-tier’ (read more here).

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